Ensure your logo stands out from the crowd with the creation of 2 new logo designs to choose from.

  • creation of 2 new design studies based on client's creative brief
  • studies will be completely different and will show different perspectives
  • to include color recommendations and 2 logo lockups.   

We will send you 2 design options based on the information the client has provided us. From the 2 options, the client will have to choose which direction they wish to proceed with.

  • revisions : The client has 1 round of major revision and 2 rounds of minor revisions to reach the final design.
  • Major revisions are changes to the general form of the design study. This means a change of any of the design elements, change in subject matter, change of message to be conveyed by the material. Major revisions can only be made prior to rounds of minor revision. Minor revision rounds are only meant to refine the design further based on client feedback.
  • Minor revisions are changes to the small details of the design study. This can be in color, positioning, and small tweaks to the submitted form.
  • When comments are sent through, the design team will tackle all the feedback in one go. This constitutes one round of revisions.
Starts At $300.00