Passionate about sportswear

At Mortimer Apparel we are proud to make some of the most finely crafted custom sportswear on the market. We’re passionate about sport because we’ve been playing it our whole lives. Whatever the size or shape of the ball, we care about the look and performance of your team.

We’re the players, coaches, and volunteers that make the time to attend training on weeknights. We are the parents who wake up early to cheer from the sidelines on icy Saturday mornings. We have a keen eye for the best looking kit and are absolutely dedicated to being an integral part of your team.

Mortimer Apparel takes pride in being more than just the fabric of your team’s uniform. We create the unified front that your team needs. Our gear is designed to help you run onto the pitch, court or field with confidence.

We are committed to delivering your uniforms, in full, on time and ready for battle.



We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service. Give us a call to discuss talk sportswear.

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